One Stop ethnic Chinese marketing services

Ethnic Chinese Marketing and Greater China Marketing is our strength!

To understand culture need history knowledge and to target a culture need the insight of the opportunities.

Chinese Brand Adaptation

Creative a unique good will Chinese brand name is key to success.

Chinese Content Creative

It is based on the deep knowledge and insight of Chinese culture.

Chinese Media Planning

The main street rules are not applicable and for example WeChat.

Event Campaign Promtion

Based on fully forecast the market opportunities and detailed planning.

Creative contents

We believe story behind brand is the key for long term realtionship and make creative contents including video is our strength.

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Brands adaptation

A good Chinese brand adaptation needs deep culture knowledge and trade mark of it is the best acknowledgement.

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Chinese websites

Beyond the newspaper Ads, TV commercials traditional medias, the mobile first Chinese websites are the must to have nowadays.

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Events promotions

Events are the best approaches for personal experiences and physical touch is the king for long term brands awareness.

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Awareness Surveys

Surveys conducted by brands ambassadors not only get feed backs from customers but also reaffirmation of friendships.

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WeChat social media

Facebook, Twitter is not working in China and WeChat is everything for sharing and connecting Chinese overseas and mainland.

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